Beach holidays in villas

Imagine you are sitting in your villa and enjoying a beach right front of it. I know this is on priority list of all. It provides a sense of relaxation as you can enjoy the view without any hindrance and can see that it is done very conveniently.

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People today prefer these villas over hotels as they get that privacy which is otherwise not possible. Also these villas are beautiful and they have that serene and calm look. As they will be occupied only by your family members, so there are no disturbances and one can enjoy leisurely.  Finding the best luxury villas in koh samui is not a tough task anymore. In fact you can grab all the information before hand and choose the one that suits your needs. There are different types of beach villas available. They all are categorised according to their location. Here are the types of beach villas:

  1. Beachfront villa: This is generally most popular type of villa. It is very spacious villa with a pool which is located in the centre of the villa and has access from all the rooms. It is generally big and has 5 to 6 bedrooms. The villa is child friendly with a small pool for children. It is equipped with a kitchen, barbeque, gym and Jacuzzi. One can give their preference while booking. But most importantly it is located in front of the beach as the name suggests. Thus it has a splendid view and one can enjoy sea all the time.
  2. Besides the beach: These types of villas are not located in front of the beach but are at a distance. In fact they are a great choice for those who are more interested in scenery and natural beauty. They are away from the beach and so one can enjoy other scenery too. They are little cheaper as compared to beach front villa. Apt for the couples who want to spend some quality time with each other at a secluded place. They also have many facilities like there is a pool, kitchen, barbeque, air conditioning and many more things to enjoy and relax.
  3. Great panoramic sea view: As its name suggests, they are located at a height so as to provide a full panoramic view of the sea. These villas are designed extremely beautiful and are well equipped with all the facilities. They have breathtaking view of the sea, thus providing one some relaxation. The view itself uplifts the mood and makes one immensely happy. They are costly as compared to other villas. But worth a try.
  4. Pool and garden view: These villas are not located on the beach but are 5 to 10 minutes away from it. They are ideal for a small family as they provide all the amenities but rates are less. Thus they are great place to enjoy holidays away from crowd and have some quality time with dear ones. These villas are located at beautiful locations away from beach. They have great pool and garden view.

Thus, these are different types of beach villas available. One can choose according to the members of their family and budget. They all are exclusively made and will make one feel special. Hence they have become so popular over the years and are in great demand. So if one wish to stay in one of these then one have to book them well in advance. Many people might take some advance to book. But then it will give you surety that it has been booked for you. Hence it becomes necessary to do advance bookings.


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